Date: September,13.

0008-0803-0300-1923.jpgHello Magic Links!

I'm a badge. Do you collect badge?

Unit 2 - Collections

draft_lens1939145module9053856photo_1207831418teen-with-laptop.jpgWhat do you collect?

slashs-guitar-collection.jpgI collect eletric guitars.

collection11_lg.jpgI collect toy cars.

generated_5dqFYGLxKe6b8RTHiWF968-30_182_182.jpeg I collect badget.

large_barbiecollector2.jpg I collect dolls.

ross.jpg I collect stamps.

1 - How about you? What do you collect? Bring your collection next class!!!

2 - Now, let's go to the Student Book (p.28-31) and learn more about collections.

3 - It's time to Activity Book p. 11.


0008-0803-0300-1923.jpgYou have 3 exercises to do at home.(September,20)

1 - pages 14-15 (Activity Book)

2 -

3 -